Chris Toseland

Group Leader - Biography

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Alexander Cook

PhD Student

My project consists of creating novel techniques in which to measure in vitro transcription by RNA polymerases. By using fluorescence it is possible to measure RNA transcript formation through either the incorporation of fluorescent nucleotides or the use of a protein based biosensor that binds to RNA transcribed. These methods can allow high throughput screening of transcription factors or inhibitors and does away with the long winded method of reverse transcription quantitative PCR or the costly and potentially dangerous method of incorporating radioactive isotopes within RNA sequences. 


Ália dos Santos

Research Assistant/PhD Student









Yukti Hari-Gupta

Post-Doc Research Associate

My project is focussed upon characterization of Myosin VI and its role in transcription. We are studying the recruitment of Myosin VI isoforms into the nucleus and trying to investigate any protein-protein or protein-DNA interactions involving Myosin VI. This will shed some light on regulation of Myosin VI and its functional importance in various cellular processes such as DNA damage repair, cell proliferation, cell migration, etc.




Natalia Fili

Post-Doc Research Associate








Rosie Gough

 Post-Doc Research Associate












Hannah Reed

MSc Research Student








Laura Medda

MSc Research Student








Ioannis Emmanouilidis

MSc Research Student (Joint with Peter Ellis)









Ex-Lab Members


Sophie Griffiths - Graduate Assistant/Experience


 Björk Aston

MSc Research Student








Zu Ri Yong

Undergraduate Intern